20Jul 2017

People have collections that almost inevitably wind up invading garage space. Whether the collectible is baseball cards, dolls, or even auto memorabilia, the garage seems to be a place where things end up. For some people, war memorabilia is a popular thing to collect. As the Patriot Ledger reports, one bomb a family thought was […]

18Jul 2017

A garage was where the modern computer was born. It is only natural that a gamer – that is someone who plays video games – would turn his garage into a gaming center. According to the Daily News, one man turns his garage into a LAN party every year for his friends to get together […]

13Jul 2017

Imagine having a neighbor who had everything you needed to work on your car. Whether it is changing the oil or putting on new tires, his garage had the tools, including lifts. That would be the kind of neighbor that most people would want to have, right? Well, some people aren’t so appreciative of such […]

11Jul 2017

Garages are typically places that we park a car for a night or two – possibly over a weekend. Yet, some cars are parked in a garage for decades before being rediscovered by family members or others looking for a classic find. As News Day reports, one man made a rare discovery in a garage, […]

06Jul 2017

Most Americans have one or two cars to park in their garages – if they fit with the other things that they have collected. Imagine owning so many cars that your collection requires you to build not just one – but several garages to house them? Hotty Toddy reports on one man’s 600 vehicle collection. […]

04Jul 2017

For some, the “ultimate garage sale” would be an estate sale of antique furniture. For others, it would collectibles such as baseball cards, dolls, or other memorabilia. Garages often inspire images of cars, either parked comfortably inside or being repaired or fixed, and for one man, the ultimate garage sale is the selling of over […]

29Jun 2017

With the Fourth of July fast approaching, the purchase of fireworks has picked up. However, not all sales of the exploding beauties are legal. As CBS Los Angeles Local reports, police seized a large amount of illegal fireworks from a Long Beach garage. Fireworks are illegal in Long Beach. As a day of national celebration […]

27Jun 2017

If you are like most Americans, if there isn’t a place for something inside the home yet you cannot bring yourself to get rid of it – that item almost always ends up in the garage. While this might be fine for one or two items, inevitably, those items begin piling up. Sooner or later, […]

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