19Oct 2017

Some homeowners go all out when it comes to decorating for holidays. From brightly lit Christmas displays to that garage door made out to be a monster whose video went viral, decorating has a way of gaining attention. Some ideas, however, might not garner the kind of attention the homeowner originally intended, as WJHL reports. […]

17Oct 2017

Routine maintenance can go a long way in saving big bucks. Letting that small issue grow into a larger one can result in emergency repair costs, which are almost always more expensive than maintenance. It can also be a time saver in the long run – replacing your entire garage door takes time and costs […]

13Oct 2017

Hurricane Harvey had a devastating impact for Texas. Thirty-three counties were declared as needing federal disaster relief. An estimated 30,000 people required temporary shelter after fleeing their homes in the wake of the storm. Estimated losses were at $75 million and that number may continue to rise. Thousands of people lost their homes. ABC 13 […]

10Oct 2017

Every neighborhood has that one home. You know the one. It goes overboard, decorating for Halloween and Christmas. They string up lights and affix ghosts and goblins to trees. Some put smiling and scary jack-o-lanterns on their porch. Others affix pictures of witches and pumpkins to their doors. According to Simple Most, a homeowner from […]

06Oct 2017

Man caves. Craft rooms. Small apartments for the grandparents or your child returning home to live after college. Garages have been converted into many things other than a space to store yard tools, sporting equipment, vehicles, and Christmas decorations. However, for some industrious hunters, converting a one-car garage into a cabin was just what was […]

03Oct 2017

As our residential communities encroach on the natural habitats of wild animals, it is no wonder that they wander into our neighborhoods. Garages have often been the host of many a wild animal, from bears to snakes and now, alligators. They often come in search of food or are simply looking for a place out […]

28Sep 2017

When you think of most celebrities, you might think of sprawling mansions with enough space that everyone can have their own special place. That may not always be the case. Some celebrities choose to live an unassuming life in smaller homes. That doesn’t stop them from needing their own space from time to time. Architectural […]

26Sep 2017

Garages are often the homes for cars, yard tools, collections, and other things that homeowners need to store. Another thing that garages are often home to: bands. Whether just a group of friends getting together for a jam session or a band trying to make it, many Grammy-winning bands have made their start in the […]

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