07Dec 2017

You count on it daily, especially if you park your car inside your garage. One press of a button and your garage door raises or opens, allowing you in or out of your garage. Except when it doesn’t. A power outage can render your garage door opener useless, and even a backup battery might not […]

05Dec 2017

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more affordable and popular, with some countries enacting legislation hoping to rid roadways of gas-powered vehicles at some point in the future. With so many electric vehicles (EVs) on the road, somewhere is needed to charge those vehicles. Tesla helped in the United States opened two large Supercharger stations […]

30Nov 2017

Second hand is no longer a word you’ll hear from those who frequent garage sales. Terms like repurpose and upcycled are the new norm in the garage sale nomenclature. As inclimate weather sets in, bargain hunters are taking their search for steals and deals indoors. The Chicago Tribune reports on the Indoor Garage Sale at […]

23Nov 2017

Garages often become storage facilities for everything but the cars that they were meant to house. The problem in this is that many of these things can become fire hazards. Paint, paint thinner, cans of fuel and oil, together with greasy rags and electrical cords all can present a hazard that can cause your garage […]

21Nov 2017

The California wildfires have been devastating to both people and property alike. There have been stories of people stepping up to help those affected by the disaster, such as celebrity chef Guy Fieri breaking out the barbeque and cooking thousands of meals. People have been sending in donations, but one community came together to help […]

16Nov 2017

Garage door openers are things of convenience, especially during bad weather, when we can open the garage door from the warmth and dry confines of our car. While a convenience for the homeowner, they also provide criminals with an easy way into a home, especially when the opener is left in a vehicle unsecured and […]

14Nov 2017

Last year, California voters passed Proposition 64, allowing for the commercial sale of recreational marijuana. It also allows for people to carry up to an ounce of marijuana and grow up to six plants per person for recreational use. This went into effect as of November 9, 2016. Commercial sale will go into effect next […]

09Nov 2017

People who pick a motorhome to vacation with usually either have to tow their daily-driver behind them or rent a car when they get to a destination and want to tour where motorhomes cannot fit or are not allowed. While towing is a popular option, it takes up more space on the roadway and needs […]

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