20Mar 2018

Garages often turn out to be the place where things go to be forgotten – at least until they’re needed. Christmas decorations are carefully boxed up and stored until the season rolls around again. Sporting equipment is put away at the end of a season and sits there until the next one comes up again. […]

15Mar 2018

A lot of people convert their garages into man caves and other such places for friends, family, and neighbors to hang out. There’s a meme that has made the social media rounds inferring that people should bring back the study instead of man caves. While one might not necessarily agree with this, what if that study […]

13Mar 2018

Bargain hunters and collectors alike often flock to garage sales and storage unit auctions in hopes of scoring something worthy. Television shows abound about such subjects including shows depicting people who hunt down automotive treasures in forgotten garages and dusty barns. Sometimes, they score big. The Daily Mail reports on the garage find of a […]

08Mar 2018

In architectural terms, gargoyles have a purpose other than decoration. They are meant to convey rainwater away from the sides of buildings and preventing the erosion of the masonry and the mortar. In medieval times, most of the common folk were illiterate. Gargoyles began to decorate the sides of churches because church leaders needed a […]

06Mar 2018

Although the weather may be getting warmer in many parts of the country, recent ‘bomb cyclones’ have brought freezing temperatures and weather to others. While everyone may bring in their plants to save them during a frost or might leave a faucet dripping to prevent pipes from freezing, few people might remember that their garage […]

28Feb 2018

Tiny houses and converting garage space into such things as man caves and additional rooms designed to entertain are all the rage. In the trend of tiny houses, many homeowners are converting detached garages into small homes to either rent out or to allow family to move in. When making such revisions or construction, however, […]

23Feb 2018

You have the mechanical know-how to change oil, change a tire, and perhaps do other maintenance or changes on your vehicle. The problem is… you simply don’t have the space to do the work. Maybe you live in an apartment complex where spaces a packed. Or your HOA would go ballistic seeing your car parked […]

20Feb 2018

Most garages provide enough space for one or two cars. That is – if the space isn’t taken up by Christmas decorations and unused sporting equipment and winter or summer clothing put away until next season. For many families, one or two care spaces is simply not enough, especially when children are of driving age. […]

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