17Aug 2017

You might have heard stories of scores made at yard and garage sales that include things worth hundreds, thousands, and sometimes millions more than they paid. While these kinds of finds do occur, one thing that happens more often is that sometimes the oddest things can be found at garage sales. Realtor.com reports on some […]

15Aug 2017

In the United States, we struggle sometimes to find parking spaces for our cars at malls and airports nationwide. The Netherlands, however, has an entirely different problem when it comes to parking. According to Ecowatch, Netherlands citizens are having trouble finding places to park their bicycles. In the Netherlands, there are 1.3 bicycles for every […]

10Aug 2017

Summertime to a garage that has no heating and cooling can mean that the area bakes, particularly in areas where temperatures rise well into the 90s and beyond. Many people will open their garage door partially to cool the area, but this can leave you vulnerable to thieves. KYMA reports that thefts have increased and […]

08Aug 2017

It’s been almost 40 years since the continental United States had a vantage on a total solar eclipse. The last time was back in 1979. NASA has gathered teams to help study this eclipse in their Ballooning Project. Among them are two Seattle sisters, as Fox Q13 reports. Rebecca and Kimberly Yeung are passionate about […]

03Aug 2017

Community yard sales are a great way to raise money for worthy causes. They can often draw thousands of bargain-hunters, collectible seekers, and just those looking to buy something different. The mountain community of Foresthill can wear the crown of the largest garage sale in Placer County, as the Auburn Journal reports. This year, the […]

01Aug 2017

The garage can be a dangerous place, especially for pets and young children. If you have pets or small children, you might have thought about pet and childproofing your home, but the garage may have gone overlooked. Click Orlando reported on these tips to child-proof your garage. On the door leading to the inside of […]

27Jul 2017

DC Comics has had its share of hits and misses with its cinematic and animated universes over the past few years. Yet, it is their comic line that continues to be successful, both in digital and print form. In their latest series, the heroes and the villains alike will be getting a biker-flavored makeover to […]

25Jul 2017

If you’re a fan of such shows as “Antique Roadshow” or “American Pickers” or the like, no doubt you’ve fantasized about finding something at a garage sale that ends up being worth millions. While rare, such discoveries do occur. Architectural Digest reports on some of the more fascinating and expensive discoveries of the past few […]

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