22Jun 2017

Garage door openers are one of the few home improvements that haven’t been improved upon much. Sure, they might turn on a light now. They might have progressed to belt or screw driven instead of the clackety old chain driven system, and now they might have a remote control. Yet, Men’s Journal reports that garage […]

20Jun 2017

Spring cleaning is completely finished. You’ve loaded boxes with the things you’re prepared to part with and you’re looking to make some cash. Yet, the prospect of spending all day in the hot sun and humidity hosting a garage sale does not seem that appealing. Never fear. As people say, “there’s an app for that.” […]

15Jun 2017

Spring and summer mean many things. Barbeques, baseball season, swimming pools, and of course, yard and garage sales. While many great deals can be found at garage sales, there are a few things that you should never purchase at garage sales. ABC15.com reports on what you should pass up at a garage sale and why. […]

13Jun 2017

There are tales of garage finds that are financial windfalls. From old classic cars worth six figures to baseball and other sports memorabilia worth tens of thousands. Some people just seem to luck into these finds, but one man might have just scored the find of a lifetime when, as WTKR reports, a Jackson Pollock […]

08Jun 2017

Garage sales are great places to pick up the common and uncommon alike. They are also a great way to generate money, particularly for charity. It’s not just families that host garage sales – today cities get their residents together to donate used items to host citywide garage sales. As the Portage Daily Register reports, […]

06Jun 2017

Antique collectors are often on the hunt for the things that interest them. From antique car memorabilia to baseball cards to mementos from the various wars, every collector  has a unique interest. Some look to sell their collected items, but for one Texas man a find didn’t inspire thoughts of money he could earn, it […]

25May 2017

It’s getting towards the end of spring and the beginning of summer. And that generally means that wildlife is out in numbers. Generally, they stick to unpopulated areas, but with urban and suburban sprawl, we have invaded their territory. They, in turn, have invaded ours, as a story from InsideEdition.com reports. Diane Chase was so […]

23May 2017

Garages can house all manner of critters. Mice, raccoons, and even the family pet sometimes make their homes in suburban garages. In Florida, residents have reported encountering alligators and large snakes in their garages. As WTOL reports, one Florida homeowner encountered a large snake in the garage of his Pembroke Pines home. Joseph Licensky, a […]

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